Something new about games…

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Being a gamer at heart, I am privileged to be able to explore a thousand more worlds than the average non-gamer, that being said, readers and moviegoers have their own unique experiences. But this blog is about games, playing them, loving them, wondering about them… you get it.

I am 27 with a job, which means I play fewer games than I would like to, yet I still found something in games that just makes it worth coming back every day, it also means that I have discovered some intrinsic value that someone who has the time to play games all day seems to miss. I think about it more, not just the game I am playing, but the idea of a game, the idea of exploring all kinds of venues and not just MMOs and AAA.

I delve a bit deeper, and it makes my brain come up with some interesting stuff and opportunities and theories that I like to chat about in depth with my wife.

Now, she’s not really a gamer, so she tries her best to get on the hype. But I’ve learned that blogs are sometimes places to share these ideas, bear with me, I am not a pro, but I’m OG 1995, so it’s slightly better.

I look forward to just putting all this stuff out there. I am not looking to be negative about this, but I am going to be analytical and slightly critical but mostly philosophical and investigative. So if you are into that and you like games, I think you’ll have a good time here.

See you soon!

Photo by InBox Dicas on Unsplash



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